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Energy Healing



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Reiki Explorer Class

Reiki Explorer Classes  are meant to teach beginners new information and techniques that will make them feel more confident in Reiki. Advanced practitioners can freely explore their Reiki during the Explorer Session. Asking questions and experimenting is encouraged!

Level 1, Level 2

Reiki Explorer Level I : Students learn the history of Reiki, types of treatment and basic hand positions with Attunement and Empowerment. By the end of this class, you will be able to heal yourself, as well as your friends and families.

Reiki Explorer Level II : Reiki II is where things become more fun. Students will be attuned to three symbols. With these symbols you will be able to do much more with Reiki, even send Reiki to your loved ones from a greater distance.

Master/Teacher Reiki Explorer


Students will receive Empowerment and Attunement to the Reiki Master Symbol. After Master class, if you choose to be a teacher, you will learn how to teach classes, give Attunement. You will be attuned to Radiant Reiki Master Symbol.

Karuna Explorer Level 1, Level2, Master/Teacher Class

Experience Karuna Explorer, graduate school of Reiki practitioners. New symbols, new ideas and new experiments. All with the Reiki Explorer, focuses on learning through experiment  and class experience.

 Karuna consists of three levels. Karuna I and Karuna II and Master /Teacher level. Karuna I and II have different focuses.

"Establishing your Divine presence on earth."-Karuna I focuses on deep personal physical and emotional healing.

"Accomplishing your Divine mission on earth."-Karuna II focuses on accomplish your goals.

Contact me for more details.

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